Mission with a Vision Organization - Reaching Out to the Needy and Vulnerable in Kenya

News: Mission With A Vision Participates in the “Annual Alternative Rites of Passage”
Over the past fifteen years, Mission With A Vision (MWV) has helped nearly 1,000 Kenyan teenagers seeking to escape female genital mutilation and childhood marriage. Working with few resources, but with an unreserved commitment to the well-being of children, the Mission’s staff works tirelessly — frequently at great personal risk — to safeguard and educate local youngsters. They also provide these young women with a safe house, educational scholarships and vocational training.

Wherever possible, efforts are made to work with community elders to help the girls reconcile with their families, a delicate task that frequently requires months of negotiation and counseling. The Mission also supports the education of more than 100 local boys and girls in an effort to provide quality education to the rural poor and because educated parents are far less likely to subject their daughters to genital cutting or use childhood marriage to settle family debts.